December 2018

If you have been to Hawaii, and haven’t been on a Hawaiian Dinner cruise, you’ve missed some of the best entertainment Hawaii has to offer. The dinner cruises in Hawaii are one of the main attractions for the people visiting Hawaii according to Live Your Aloha, they make sure they plan their trip in advance and book their favorite dinner cruise, Even a month before they start planing all the other things they will be doing in Hawaii.

There are so many options available, you can choose, which dinner cruise you like the most and what all facilities you want to avail during your stay on the dinner cruise.  You can select different packages, book tables in advance for a romantic dinner and enjoy the view of the beautiful sea under the stargazing sky as far as it is well known.

dinner cruise guests

You can stay on the cruise for different time frames, depending on the package you purchase. The packages start from $90 – $200 for a time frame of 2 hours to 8 hours. There are several other reasons why people book dinner cruise, let’s see why?

Why to Book a Dinner Cruise

• Experience the land falling behind as you enter the Great Pacific ocean, The lined up high rising hotels on the shores in Waikiki will wish you a great cruise ahead!

• Watch the beautiful sun setting down in the sea, this magical view is worth admiring, when the sun sets, it looks like it is touching to the surface of the sea.  Watching the sun slowly set is an amazing sight to witness.

• Kauai’s Na Pali Coast – This beautiful coast is a great place to spend a romantic evening with your loved ones or family, so if you are booking a dinner cruise package, you don’t want to forget to add a visit to this place in your package. You can also experience the Hawaiian culture here.

• If you are in Hawaii during the time of new year you wouldn’t want to miss a chance to experience the fireworks from the deck of a cruise surrounded by water. With the great food and drinks on the deck, you will be lost in the celebrations. The crew members will welcome you warmly and they are polite and helpful, making you feel right at home.

• You can also cruise to Maui where you can watch the gigantic whales swimming down the ocean. Sources say, “They are spotted always! if not, you will get the next cruise for free!” So what’s better than that? Right! Also, you will get detailed description about this sea creature from the cruise captain and his crew. It will be a knowledgeable experience for the kids and an experience you won’t soon forget.

So, the next time you’re vacationing in Hawaii, make sure to do yourself a favor and book a Hawaii dinner cruise.  We can help you book them as well, you just need to get in touch with us.  You won’t regret it!

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