The science behind Delicious Food from Charcoal Smokers

Charcoal Smokers

Charcoal smokers have proved the test of time to cook some of the most delicious Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. The essence of using such smokers has even spread to the world of BBQ and grilling, which is merely an activity now. Charcoal smokers have been used for decades now to create some delicious meals like the succulent briskets, smoky, slow-roasted turkey and chicken and various others.

As much as it is essential to dust off the charcoal smokers in the garage and get smoking or get the best charcoal smoker 2021 this holiday season, it might not hurt to learn a bit more about these great cooking tools, that has been filling our appetite and satisfying our taste buds for years now.

Working of a charcoal smoker

The working follows a simple technique with the addition of indirect heat to it at low temperatures for a longer duration of time. This slow cooking process of the tool is what helps in getting the severe cuts on the meat and soaks the flavours inside the skin of the meat.

Some people also use these tools to keep meat tender over an entire day or night. This is a good practice, considering the slow dissipation of heat and flavours inside the layers of the meat, adding an extra sense of deliciousness to the food.

 Charcoal Smokers

By removing the cylindrical tool from the smokers, it can also be used as grill to grill delicious vegetables.

Steps to get the delicious cook on the meat

Although there exists no textbook rules of smoking or grilling on these charcoal smokers the right way, however, when followed the steps diligently, they can add to the extra tenderness, with the right amount of even cooking on all sides of the meat.

  • Expose the charcoal grate to the coal chamber
  • Pour the charcoal briquettes into the fire ring generously. More the briquettes, higher is its cooking ability.
  • Throw in a couple of the medium-sized hardwoods into the right in order to deliver the extra smokiness on the top layers of the meat. This is also specially called the Minion method.
  • Opening the vents can allow for maximum circulation inside the chamber. They need not be open all the time, just until the desired temperature is reached inside the chamber. Temperature plays a vital role in cooking the meat to tenderness, which could otherwise turn hard and brittle.
  • Chimney starter: The bottom of the charcoal can be stuffed with paper and blown over by a chimney to set the fire blazing
  • Fill the water pan generously that the meat stays moist and tender
  • Sit back, relax and wait.


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